Digital Version:

Please click the slideshow below to see whole pictures and commentary.

For this project each group member was given five random mechanics to choose two from. From there we had to work together with one of each members chosen mechanics to make a unique game video pitch and game design document. My chosen mechanic was Trading. When we began the development of the pitch, I came up with the Revolutionary France setting and the class designs. My idea was for a battle-royal stealth game that focused more on espionage and information than weapons and power. I also designed the Garden Party map. In order to promote quick replayability we aimed to have each match last around 30 minutes. 

Analog Version:

After creating a digital pitch we had to transition the game to an analog version and organize it in a game design document. The fantasy of the game remained the same but the mechanics would need some adjustments in order to fit. We wanted the game to have the social atmosphere that the French party goers would have. To best accomplish this we wanted to have most of the gameplay revolve around cards that could quickly move between players. The rules of the game and some, but not all, cards are displayed above. The game would still primarily be about collecting and using information.

I was responsible for the creation all the Item cards, all of which are shown above, and most of the Investigation Action cards. I was also responsible for editing the final document for any statement that might be unclear, inconsistent or conflicting rules, differing style, and grammatical errors.

Download the full
game design doc

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