James Marshall Parker

Email: runningjmp@gmail.com

School Email: jmparker@student.fullsail.edu

Phone: 405-213-7360

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Full Sail University

Bachelor of Science in Game Design                     ​February 2016 - August 2018   

Notable Courses Taken

Psychology of Play, Discrete Mathematics, Game Design II, Programming Foundations II, Statistics, Level Design, World Building, Game Mechanics, Game Development, Game Systems Integration, Game Balancing

Project Experience


Systems Design

Level Design

Quality Assurance Testing

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Salty Duck Studios: Frikin the Laser Shark    

Lead Programmer, Level and Boss Designer                                        May 2018 – Current

  • Worked with small team to create a bullet hell adventure game set in an underwater environment

  • Lead the team in creating the health, respawn, and environmental systems

  • Helped mentor teammates in coding practices

  • Lead the team in weekly playtesting and debugging sessions

  • Iterated and improved enemy AI based on feedback analysis

  • Designing and developing roguelike system for official release

Gateway Diver                                                                                                     Orlando, FL

Project Lead                                                                                                        January 2018

  • Student game jam project

  • Designed player controller to handle 2 characters that had to be switched between to succeed

  • Iterated and improved upon various types of enemy AI, including a boss enemy with multiple abilities

  • Implemented camera and UI mechanics that punished the player for making mistakes

Project Team: Wormhole Hero                                                                            Orlando, FL

Designer, Lead Tester, Editor                                              October 2017 – November 2017

  • Designed modular card-based strategy board game 

  • Edited final overview of rule book 

  • Lead team and outside play testers through play sessions to analyzing player experience, interaction, and satisfaction

  • Collaborated with team members to port game digitally to Roll20

  • Designed 15 unique monsters to challenge players

Project Team: Murder in the Court                                                                     Orlando, FL

Setting and Class Designer                                                 September 2017 - October 2017

  • Developed unique digital game through randomly assigned mechanics, presented through video format

  • Translated digital version to analog, adapting mechanics for new approach

  • Created game settings, playable classes, one of three levels


Project Team: Humanity: Lost                                                                            Orlando, FL 

Art Style Lead and Script Editor                                                                            May 2017

  • Cooperated with 6 team members in designing, formatting, assessing a game video pitch

  • Organized collaborative document, making initial creation process flow smoothly

  • Drafted sample images for game’s initial art style

  • Reviewed finished pitch script for story inconsistencies, style conflicts, grammatical errors


Project Team: Scraps                                                                                           Orlando, FL 

Lead Programmer, Level                                                               January 2017 – June 2017

  • Worked under provided game design document to create a puzzle adventure game

  • Constructed level design objective flowchart, map, 3D rendition

  • Utilized Unity to craft three-dimensional level for setting, gameplay, player interaction

  • Lead team in programming assets for environmental effects and hazards and a cohesive gamer experience

  • Animated cutscenes to transition the player between levels


History and Mythology

Board Games

Magic: The Gathering




Work Experience

Hoofbeats for Hope                                                                                                      Lexington, OK


Lead Walker                                                                                                 June 2015 – March 2017

  • Interacted with and ensured safety of both horse and special needs rider

  • Guided horse down prepared course, interacting with rider along the way, to help hone their motor skills

  • Managed rider's posture and lead rider through various exercises to enhance hand-eye coordination and motor skills

  • Monitored client’s improvement throughout program

  • Responsible for getting rider off of the horse quickly and safely in case of danger

  • Maintained connections with participants forming a strong relationship

  • Cleaned Barn and Stable daily

  • Cleaned and Dressed Horses for rider, or with rider

  • Helped take care of other barn animals and equipment as needed

2010 - present
2010 - present

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